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Be on the Look Out for missing polymer clay beads! 
07:30am 17/11/2009
  x-posted to within an inch of it's life!

A horrible thing has happened in our clay community...Jenny Patterson http://www.quiltedinclay.com/ was packing up from a show she did in Iowa when a box of her beads went missing!
If you see any of these beads on the many online selling venues, or a local bead shop, PLEASE contact her!
Here is a selection of quotes from Jenny describing what happened.
"2 weeks ago while packing up after a show, my case with ALL my finished "Quilted in Clay" beads was stolen out of my trailer. Along with all my findings, crystals and beads I use as accents to make necklaces.
I am estimating that I had upwards of 4500 clay beads in various sizes inside that case! I make beads in in 4 different sizes and shapes, in EACH of the 33 designs I currently have listed on my web site. Plus a number that I don't have on the website.
These shapes are 3/4" mobius beads, 5/8" square, 1/2" square and 3/8" square. All finished and drilled.
It was suggested to me to keep an eye on eBay and Etsy for these. Which I plan on doing, but these are huge shops and I can't monitor them alone, so I am asking for help.
If you all would not mind taking a look at the current designs on my website:
And if you happen to see something that might be my beads, please let me know.
I am devastated! We are talking hours and hours of work just GONE! Some of these designs, I don't have any cane left, so I can't even make any more beads, unless I remake the cane. I am having to call customers and tell them I can't sell them the items they ordered, and ask them to choose something I have on hand, or give them a refund...
Yes I am working with the police in Des Moines, where this happened. I have filed a report.
I fear what happened is that someone spied this case, and decided to take it. Not only did I have my beads in it, I also had my sterling and gold findings in it. I am thinking that the thief could care less about my beads, but will take the gold and sterling and turn them in for cash.
I do have insurance, which I am working filing.
As for the designs involved, it's hard to say, I KNOW I had between 12 and 72 beads in each style (mobius, 5/8"square etc) in EACH of my 33 designs currently on my web site.
I have not put it on my website yet, only because I have been so busy with orders, and figuring out what was in the case that I have not had time....
The show was the AQS Quilt show in Des Moines Iowa, the theft happened sometime between 8PM and 9:30PM, as we were loading after the show. The case is silver, wheeled, with locks on it, about the size of a suitcase.
I do have to say the security at the event center was very good! I really have no clue as to how this happened, they even have video camera's in the loading dock area, but unfortunately there was nothing to help me. The angles were wrong or something. I have been working closely with the police department there.
There IS good to come of this! I have put off putting together a better way of tracking my inventory for a couple years. This is forcing me to take care of that, and re-organize!
Since I had to provide documentation of how I price my product to my insurance, It has also forced me to take a good hard look at how I price my work. I am glad to say that I feel that part is in good order....
Basically we had finished tearing down our display, I finished packing stuff up while the DH went and got the van and trailer. When he got to the loading area, he came to the booth with our 2 wheeled cart, and took a load out. He had brought in some boxes I needed, so I stayed and filled them. Then pushed out one of our other wheeled carts, and this case that is missing. I met him on the dock, and we switched, he took the cart and the case, and I took the empty 2 wheeled cart. He went out and loaded the 2 items into the trailer, I loaded the 2 wheeler, we met on the dock and switched again. We continued this until all was loaded. Then we locked the trailer and went home.
2 days later it was time to unload the trailer, all the locks were in good shape, they had not been tampered with. When we unloaded we realized my case was no where to be found. I can only conclude that someone took it when we had our backs turned.
I have discovered after sitting down and doing a mental inventory, that I have greatly underestimated the number and $$ amount of things I kept in that case. Of course the DH has been telling me this for ages, but I was to stubborn to believe HIM! LOL
And although I have to call my customers, explain the situation, and re-vamp some orders, this is actually making for better customer relations.
Moral of the story, it's a good thing I took out insurance for just this sort of thing!"
02:49pm 11/04/2009

THE TRUCK; hand selected vintage items, Los Angeles CA
Gifty Giveaway on Constance Pelkey Designs!! 
07:23am 14/03/2009
Head on over to my blog and check out a new Gifty Giveaway Feature I'll be doing periodically this year!!

Hurry, now!!
2009 Bug Swap 
08:14am 05/01/2009

Originally uploaded by conniepelkey
The last Bug Swap I did was in '06. It's time for another one!!

Check out the images on my flickr pages of the of all the cool buggies!


NO details of the swap as of yet, except I AM hosting it, and due date won't be until March!! So email me conniepelkey@gmail.com if you are interested, PLENTY of time to plan for this! It'll be fun!!

This was originally posrted on Constance Pelkey Designs, comment here or there - up to you! *smile*

11:56am 26/09/2008



GO TO: http://capuccinogrl1414.etsy.com

07:38am 04/01/2008
  Hello, I'm a geezer living in a cabin in the woods in Alaska. I make gold stuff. I might swap small rings or whatever. It is hard to put a retail price with the gold market changing but if I like it I'll trade.
11:33am 23/11/2007

09:14am 11/11/2007

10:16am 06/11/2007

all on ebay starting at $4 US
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Updated Swap Post 
01:02pm 06/04/2007
  You all are probably getting sick of me, but I really just want this stuff gone. I'm about half way there, and the post was getting convoluted and confusing with what was gone and waht was still available, so there is a NEW post of things I'm trying to swap that you can find on my craft blog. It's now all in one post, too.


Please email me at annilita at gmail dot c o m if you see anything you'd like!

(X-posted several places, I'm sure.)
My BA Embroidery Final Project!! 
01:05am 21/02/2007

I am asking for your help with my final project on my degree. It’s all about forming visual representations of collections and taking this through to design ideas after lots of drawing and investigating objects. I am trying to form an exciting and diverse collection by asking people from all over the world to send me objects in the post! It can be absolutely anything, the stranger the better! It does not have to relate to embroidery or textiles in any way.


The object(s) need to be:


·        small, no bigger than 10cm square.

·        old or used or with an exciting history

·        inexpensive – I unfortunately can’t send you money in return!



Please send your objects to:       Danielle Goodhand

                                                School of Art and Design

                                                Manchester Metropolitan University

                                                Cavendish Building

                                                Cavendish Street


                                                M15 6BG


Please remember to include your name, address and telephone number so I can send you something in return for helping me with forming my collection.


The project will be exhibited in the Embroidery degree show around June 2007, I will post the exact date as soon as I know!


The deadline is the end of May 2007 but the sooner the better really!!


Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!




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Barbie Bazaar Magazines 
05:24pm 16/02/2007
mood: accomplished
I have about 24 Barbie magazines I need to get rid of

GREAT pics for collage, decoupage, etc.. You could wallpaper a small bathroom with them all! 

Free, you just pay shipping 

Shipping will be media mail to where ever you are-I would guess it probably weighs a good 15+ lbs,  but that shouldn't cost too much.  My zip is 94105 if you wanna check online.
input please... 
07:00am 12/11/2006
mood: cheerful

If there was a store/ studio in your home town that sold and catered to "all-things-creative", what would YOU want it to be??

*Types of supplies - clay, beading, silver working, other....
*Would it offer classes, and if so how? General.. specific... what types of teachers...
*When would the hours of operation be....

Really let your imaginations go here... I'm writing up a business plan and need LOTS of input!


This Is Spiffy! 
08:52am 10/08/2006
  Hey, everybody,

I just wanted to share that after months and months of here a little and there a little, I finally have my on-line sales site up and running. I currently only have my stitch markers up, but I'm so relieved to have the bulk of the planning and formating and whatever all finished that I'd thought I'd share. There are stitch markers for both knitters and crocheters available. In the coming weeks, I'll be putting up jewelry, gifts and wearables. I know this SOUNDS off-topic to the art swap community, but part of my wanting to get an online shop up is because there are SO MANY awesome artists out there and I am totally 100% willing to swap my stuff for yours. So drop me an email at anne@thisisspiffy.com with what you are willing to trade, (Please include photos) and I will take a look. I'm very interested in beads, yarn, fiber, jewelry, bags, photography, and various and sundry odds and ends. PLEASE don't be offended if I turn a trade down. It may just be that I don't have space or it won't fit into my life. It doesn't mean that I think your art is crap.

Check it out!

This Is Spiffy!

*x-posted a handful of places in various forms.
First Post! 
08:29am 07/08/2006
  I was really excited to find a community like this. Many times I have seen art I fell in love with, but would never be able to afford. Therefore, I always price my art reasonably. But there have been so many times I wish I could have just swapped art with another artist, to know that someone who's art I admired liked my art enough to give up a piece of themselves in order to have it.

I'm primarily a photographer, though I do graphic design as well. My website: lesleysilvia.com. I still do a lot of film stuff and that's what I have for trade today:


Read Chair Project: Lying Down
Status: Available for trade
About the piece: 600 type Polaroid peeled apart and etched into. I did this as part of a project an art major at UCF was doing called the "Red Chair Project" where she loaned out a couple red chairs and people photographed them. They brought the chairs and the photos back and she's making postcards form the photos and hopefully one day a book of the collection. my contribution was all Polaroids.
size: 3 1/4" x 4 1/4"
retail value: $35, it's one of a kind, but it's a Polaroid, so it's small.

two more Polaroids, two photograms, and a sunprintCollapse )<a href='http://lawrencehallofscience.stores.yahoo.net/sunprintkits.html">Sunprints</a>. For this print, I placed a collection of metal springs on the page. <b>size:</b> 8" x 12" <b>retail value:</b> Though it's photography, due to the nature of the piece, only one like this can ever exist. I'd say it's worth about $25.
Art sales 
10:33pm 07/03/2006
  ACK! for my computer being slow and retarded!

Righty, Firstly... YAY i have my own studio now!
I'm in debt so I'm selling 2 pieces on eBay.

Here are the links if you are interested in taking a look.

MANY apologies if this is not allowed, I tried looking back at the rules... but my PC is being a retard!

Well anyways, Enjoy..



CC x
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06:49am 17/02/2006
  Hi guys, 

Just to let you know I have a Myspace account for my arts and my arts etc only. If you have an account and take an interest in my work, Please leave a comment or give me an add and show your support for Ciyara Cyanide.


Much Love.
New Art work 
12:33am 13/01/2006

New Artwork :)

1) Mixed mediums on canvas

2) Acryllic on hardboard



Arty-nessCollapse )

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11:50pm 05/01/2006


This is my first post in this community, so i'm bound to get everything wrong!

Anyways, I'm Clemmy. I don't know what to call the arty stuff I do. All i know is I do alot of varied stuff. I've done alot of clothing customisation too.Shite at drawing people, and i do not use computers to enchance/ create any work... Because computers hate me :)

Here are a few examples of my work i have done in the last few weeks anyways! xx


Weirdness under the cutCollapse )

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12:06pm 23/11/2005
mood: chipper
Greetings! I am purplellamaboi...and my artistic skills are limited. But thanks to the SCA (Society for Creative Anachonism...not Sexual Compulsives of America)...I've been toying with some cool arts and sciences: glass beadmaking, kumihimo (Japanese cord braiding), and various other crafts.

At this point, I'm not sure what I can offer y'all...but I'm currently in the process of making 12 dozen veil pins and 8 dozen glass beads for various people. [[All of these were "won" in an online auction held to raise funds for Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita victims. So yes, they were "bought" in a sense...but the funds went to a good cause.]]

ANYwho...enough rambling for now. When I actually get some photos of some finished products, I'll post 'em here for y'all to look through.

Until then....
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